Combining the advantages of flexo with the advantages of single-pass inkjet into one machine, Kento developed the first and only hybrid printer specifically designed for corrugated. This bold concept and a promise to save up to 80% in digital ink costs won the experts’ attention, receiving an Innovation Award during the 2021 FEFCO Technical Seminar.

With active hybrid printers and demo sites in Europe and North America, plus interesting new options for 2023 such as a rotary die cutter, Kento Hybrid is a true game-changer for the corrugated printing industry.

Headquartered in Spain, Kento serves its customers in commercial and technical matters. Visit our website to schedule a personalized demo, or to get a digital brochure.

The efficiency problem in corrugated

Plant owners know that traditional flexo printing isn’t cost-efficient for all projects. Plate costs make it difficult to remain competitive in short and midsized printing runs, and long setup times take a toll on overall operating efficiency.

Digital single-pass may sound like a viable choice, but expensive digital inks may drive printing costs beyond practical limits, especially when colored backgrounds are part of the design, restricting its use to very small runs or specific high-end packaging projects.

Lower printing costs and higher ROI

Kento Hybrid gets its unique performance by reducing digital ink consumption and minimizing printing plate costs. This approach increases efficiency while remaining agile and versatile to successfully address many printing jobs.

The Kento Hybrid line uses one or more flexo units to print extensive solid backgrounds or brand and spot colors with affordable analog inks; and prints high-resolution graphics with the widest in the industry single-pass inkjet module reducing the need for printing plates, reaching savings up to 80% in digital ink costs. This boosts the return on investment – ROI and the overall equipment efficiency – OEE of any plant while delivering quality graphics on corrugated.

The usual setup and changeover for a flexo machine might take a significant amount of time, considering plate changes for a multi-color conventional analog printer. Compare this to the dramatically lower time consumption for the setup of a Kento Hybrid printing line.

Combining the best of both worlds, Kento Hybrid will match the performance of any single-pass digital printer, and – compared to flexo printers – will be unbeatable in printing runs up to 10,000 sqm / 100 MSF, which account for many of the projects in an average corrugated plant. Obviously, this efficiency reference depends on local market conditions and project details.

You will also be surprised by its TCO – total cost of ownership – with a lower initial investment than most of the available printers, and a faster ROI that you’ll get by becoming more competitive, getting better margins, boosting efficiency, and tapping into new markets.

New in 2023: In-line Rotary Die Cutting

As an enhancement to its unique printing capabilities, Kento offers the world’s first in-line rotary die cutter on a digital printing machine, adding several advantages in terms of efficiency, speed, cost-effectiveness, precise and accurate cutting results, and amazing versatility for various shapes and designs. A true end-to-end print and die-cut solution.

An outstanding high-performer

Designed for printing on corrugated, Kento Hybrid exhibits some impressive specs:

  • Less than 30 m / 100’ from feeder to stacker, with a flexo printing unit and a single-pass inkjet printer.
  • Optional additional flexo sections, and/or rotary die cutter module for improved versatility.
  • Primer and over-print varnish modules, accommodating a wide range of substrates and finishings.
  • A proprietary flexo-digital register control based on Artificial Vision technology for accuracy.
  • Built with Siemens parts to guarantee quality, dependability, and durability.
  • Fast 8,000 sheets-per-hour output to boost your plant’s efficiency.
  • Board sizes up to 2,100 mm / 82.7” (cross-printing direction) x 1,300 mm / 51.1” (printing direction).
  • Certified ink sets, compliant with the highest standards of food packaging regulations.
  • Optional color management software, including Color Gate, and CGS Oris Press Matcher

Active Kento Hybrids and demo centers

The first-ever Kento Hybrid is active near Valencia, Spain, a well-known European innovation hub, in a state-of-the-art corrugated plant belonging to an innovative printing conglomerate founded in 1973.

The first Kento Hybrid in North America is located in Bettendorf, Iowa, – just over two hours from Chicago O’Hare – as part of a successful operation with almost 30 years in the wholesale printing industry.

Both machines serve as demo centers, and you are welcome to schedule a personalized live demo, either on-site or online, to learn more about this award-winning concept that is changing the corrugated industry.

So far we have received visitors from America, Europe, and Africa, and soon we’ll be disclosing information on new Kento Hybrids being installed in North America and Europe.

KENTO HYBRID corrugated printer 2 at CP Supply USA

Total support in four continents

Kento offers expert advice and full support in every stage of your journey, beginning with the assessment of your plant and your markets, the potential benefits of adding hybrid printing to your current operation, and a customized case study to quantify the expected savings, including the impact on your ROI and OEE, and a personalized project timeline.

Once a commercial agreement is made, our technical team will assist you with site setup, assembly, and testing of your new machine, making sure all things go on and perform as planned. Training your staff is also part of our promise, as well as remote assistance and convenient onsite support as needed.

Customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are served directly by the Kento headquarters, and you are welcome to contact Mr. Victor Ortiz, Sales Manager for EMEA at or our network of authorized agents.

Kento North America is led by its VP of Sales and Operations, Mr. Lloyd Kent, a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the corrugated market. You may reach him at or +1 713-828-8699.

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