The CDTI – Center for Industrial Technological Development is one of the institutions that supports Kento Digital Printing in its purpose of developing new hybrid printing technologies for the packaging industry, through the Kento Hybrid® project.

Hybrid printing and competitiveness

The high costs of digital inks have been an obstacle to the adoption of digital printing technologies in the corrugated packaging industry. On the other hand, analog printing is not efficient for the short and medium runs demanded by today’s markets.

That is where Kento Hybrid® comes in, concentrating in a printing line the advantages of inkjet (digital) and flexographic (analog) technologies, capable of printing by flexography the areas of large masses and color backgrounds with a very low cost when using flexographic ink (10 times cheaper than digital), and by inkjet the multicolored areas or with some design, without using the plates or clichés that make low-volume printing expensive.

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Kento Hybrid innovation award FEFCO seal 2021

The role of the CDTI

The CDTI is a public business entity that depends on the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, which promotes innovation and technological development. It channels support for R&D&I projects at the national and international levels, contributing to the improvement of the technological level of Spanish companies.

In this case, the Center for Industrial Technological Development has allocated a budget of € 750,847 to the Kento Hybrid® project, with an estimated duration of 13 months, identifying it with the file number IDI-20210655.

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