Kento received the distinction as Best Innovation at the closing ceremony of the Technical Seminar of the FEFCO – European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers – held last week in Copenhagen.

The qualifying panel awarded Kento Hybrid® the silver trophy for bringing together two technologies – analog flexo and digital inkjet – into a hybrid solution that achieves exceptional operational flexibility and cost reduction in printing on corrugated board.

“This recognition fills us with great pride and drives us to continue innovating. This is the result of understanding the evolution of the corrugated cardboard market, connecting with the aspirations of packaging manufacturers, and the intense teamwork with collaborators, partners and suppliers”, said Javier Quesada, Kento’s CEO, upon receiving the trophy with Rodolfo Celotti and Luca Celotti, from Celmacch.

Kento Hybrid® is the first product of Kento Digital Printing, a young Spanish company that was born in 2020 to revolutionize printing on corrugated cardboard, combining the experience of its founders in industrial inkjet with the long flexography business history of Celmacch, its Italian partner.

About this innovation prize

To qualify for this award, three possible approaches are considered: The novelty of the proposals for the corrugated cardboard industry, the report of significant improvements to already known technologies, and the contribution to efficiency, productivity and quality of new developments.

The decision was in the hands of the FEFCO Operations and Innovation Committee, who revised more than 60 live “Spotlight Presentations”, throughout the three days of the Technical Seminar.

This was Kento Hybrid’s first participation in a technical seminar since its founding in 2020.

KENTO Hybrid innovation award FEFCO 2021 seal

About Kento Digital Printing

Creators of Kento Hybrid®, the first printing solution that combines the best of flexo with the best of digital printing, specially designed to work on corrugated cardboard and achieve savings of up to 80% in short and medium runs, up to 5,000 m2.

About FEFCO – the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers

A non-profit institution representing the interests of the industry across Europe and addressing a wide range of issues, from technical topics to economical questions. Organizer of the Technical Seminar, a three-day event that brings together the main players in the corrugated industry. It periodically organizes the Technical Seminar ,a three-day event that brings together the main players in the corrugated board industry.