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A network of specialists with the professional knowledge to recommend the best option for printing on corrugated cardboard

    Commercial and technical attention

    Kento Digital Printing was born in Spain and relies on specialized professionals in the corrugated board industry to help packaging plants find the ideal solution for the needs of their markets and customers.

    For commercial and technical matters in the United States, you may want to contact Mr. Lloyd Kent, VP of Sales and Operations for Kento North America.


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    Write to us to receive commercial attention in other countries.

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    KENTO Digital PrintingTell us how we can help you

    Write to us to receive technical and commercial information about Kento Hybrid®, our proposal for a single-pass flexo HD + digital printing line, designed specifically for corrugated cardboard.

    We can gladly schedule a live demo, remote or face-to-face, in the surroundings of Valencia, Spain, with all biosecurity measures.

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