Up to 80% cost savings

The future of industrial digital printing on corrugated cardboard has arrived

A solution only for corrugated cardboard

Designed specifically for digital printing on substrates from 0.8 to 12 mm

Significantly lower TCO

When compared to the single-pass inkjet printers available on the market

Compact and integrated line

Total length below 30 meters and unified control of all its components

A new brand with 30 years of experience

Market-aware founders and an industrial partner with a recognized track record

Innovation in industrial digital inkjet

Introducing Kento Hybrid®

A single-pass solution that brings together in a single line the advantages of inkjet digital printing and high-quality flexographic printing, specially designed for corrugated cardboard, and equipped with Celmacch peripherals.

Kento Hybrid render white

Kento Hybrid®… Inkjet + flexo

Kento Digital Printing’s hybrid single-pass printing technology is a milestone in the digital transformation of the packaging industry into corrugated cardboard.

  • Digital single-pass inkjet printing line, equipped with one or more flexo bodies for printing backgrounds, direct colors and other high added value applications.
  • Designed specifically for the corrugated packaging industry.

    Technical specifications

    These are the features of the Kento Hybrid® line:

    • Print format 2.10 meters wide by 1.30 meters of development in the printing direction.
      • It fully complies with the requirements of packaging manufacturers in corrugated.
      • Total length below 30 meters, easily installable in any factory.
    • Productivity at the level of high quality flexographic printers.
      • Up to 80 linear meters per minute.
      • Up to 10,000 square meters per hour.
    • Total non-stop automation, with lower feed and stacking up to 1.8 meters.
      • Ease of operation, minimum personnel requirement.
    • Full integration of all components, with own line control software.
      • Peripherals conceived and manufactured by Celmacch, with more than 30 years of experience.
      • Unique electronics, with Siemens brand components.


    Kento Hybrid® focuses on corrugated cardboard packaging:

    • Prints on all types of papers and waves with thicknesses from 0.8 to 12 millimeters.
    • Open ink system, approved by the most important manufacturers on the market.
    • Inks compliant with the most demanding food safety standards (Nestlé, Swiss Ordinance).
    • Inks with certificate of recyclability and repulpability.

    ► Also check out our FAQ section.


    Kento Hybrid® allows printing at lower costs than high-quality flexo printing a large majority of orders, regardless of their size.

    • Up to 80% savings over standard Inkjet digital printing.
    • Higher margins: products with more added value and lower investment.
    • Lower TCO total cost of ownership.

    Contact us to get info about a business case and receive commercial attention.

    New capabilities

    A hybrid print line presents opportunities for immediate use:

    • New products for well-known customers and expansion of the lead base.
    • Attention to volume jobs that are not cost effective with Flexo HD, offset, or inkjet.
    • New opportunities for massive personalization and creativity for the customer.


    What to expect from Kento Digital Printing

    A revolutionary proposal that accelerates the digital transformation of the packaging industry and introduces new rules of play in corrugated cardboard printing.

    • Immediate business care and deliveries of Kento Hybrid® from July 2021.
    • Complete solution from installation to commissioning, meeting all technical requirements in quality and productivity.
    • Training and training at all levels: operators, technical office designers, sales team and maintenance staff.
    • Technical service sized to ensure maximum availability of print lines.

    Contact us for more information and specialized business attention.

    A new company with more than 30 years of experience

    Extensive management experience of founding partners and intense professional experience in the key aspects of the corrugated cardboard packaging industry:

      Knowledge of market trends and needs.

      Operational handling of digital and analog printing.

      Manufacture of high performance printing machinery.
      Javier Quesada

      Javier Quesada

      CEO - Founding Partner

      Career developed in management positions in the packaging sector in multinational companies such as Saica and DS Smith, in several countries in Europe and North Africa.

      Extensive knowledge of corrugated cardboard and the adoption of inkjet printing in this industry having held senior management positions in a multinational manufacturer of single-pass printers for packaging.

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      Pedro Benito

      Pedro Benito

      CTO - Founding Partner

      Professional career dedicated to the development of industrial inkjet technology on various materials and applications such as ceramics, textiles and corrugated cardboard since its inception.

      Responsible for the engineering and R&D teams of a Silicon Valley-based multinational that has driven the digitization of printing globally.

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      Santiago Arnáiz

      Santiago Arnáiz

      COO - Founding Partner

      Experienced in lean manufacturing, supply chain y and technical assistance, with 15+ years in the automobile manufacturing industry.

      In recent years, Santiago led operations, purchasing, and post-sales as global VP for an international company focused in  industrial digital printing.

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      Celmacch socio industrial de Kento Digital Printing


      Industrial partner

      More than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of the highest quality machinery for the handling of corrugated cardboard.

      It is especially recognized for its high-definition flexographic printing lines in this substrate.

      Innovation and continuous investment in technological solutions, the exclusive use of world-class components, the simplicity of their design and the robustness of their equipment are key factors of their recognized prestige.

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      KENTO logo under construction

      A Teal Organization: Our Management Approach

      We believe in the self-organization of teams, total transparency in what we do, and people’s ability to make their own decisions and grow with the company.

      We work together for a common purpose and that encourages us to go further: Avoiding hierarchies and niches, favoring the flow of information and autonomy of our collaborators, aiming to develop the maximum potential of each of us.

      We want to manage ourselves in a different way, according to the Teal principles.

      Industry trends

      We invite you to know the content of the conference made by our CEO, Javier Quesada, in the most recent edition of the Etiq&Pack forum in Paris, in February 2021.

      Among the points of its presentation are:

      • The current size and evolution of the wavy digital printing market
      • Covid’s impact on delivery services demand for corrugated cardboard
      • The challenges facing industry and the visions that are in development
      • The introduction of Kento Hybrid® concepts, a new paradigm that promises significant savings in digital printing costs

      ► Do you want the PDF for this presentation? Write to us to receive the summary.

      Kento Hybrid® FAQs

      Additional details about our products and our organization. And we invite you to use the contact form if you want commercial attention or if your question does not appear in this section.

      What is hybrid digital printing?

      It is an original proposal from Kento Digital Printing, designed specifically for the corrugated cardboard packaging industry.

      Kento Hybrid® is a digital single-pass inkjet printing line, equipped with one or more flexo bodies for printing backgrounds, direct colors and other high added value applications.

      Kento Hybrid® for large volumes?

      Because of their combination of inkjet and HD flexo, Kento Digital Printing equipment is competitive in jobs so far unthinkable for standard digital printing.

      Kento Digital Printing’s solution could cover the vast majority of orders that are acting manufactured using analog technologies.

      In addition to the machine, what other services do they offer?

      Kento Digital Printing proposes a complete solution ranging from installation to commissioning, including training, advice and maintenance, meeting all technical requirements in quality and productivity.

      What brand and type of ink does Kento Hybrid® use?

      Kento Digital Printing proposes an open system, with approval of the most important ink brands on the market.
      The manufacturer will find options that comply with the most stringent food safety standards (Nestlé, Swiss Ordinance), and with a certificate of recyclability and repulpability

      Why invest in Kento Digital Printing equipment?

      A Kento Hybrid® print line is the ideal solution for those looking for:

      • Replace analog equipment that has already fulfilled its lifespan.
      • Enter digital printing with high flexibility equipment and low TCO.
      • Increase high-quality printing capability with the versatility of the hybrid concept.
      • Expand your market with high value-added options.
      How does a Kento Hybrid® equipment save money?

      Mainly with saving the cost of ink. By combining inkjet with HD flexo, Kento Hybrid® can save up to 80% on ink value without compromising result quality.

      How is your TCO compared to other brands?

      The cost of purchasing a Kento Hybrid® line is comparable to that of other printing equipment, but achieves significant advantages for longer up time, ink savings, total automation, and lower staff demand.

      How is your performance in environmental terms?

      Digital equipment has virtually zero ink waste, and cleaning water consumption is significantly lower than in analogue equipment.

      KENTO Digital PrintingTo find out more…

      Write to us for more details on Kento Hybrid®, our single-pass + flexo digital inkjet print line proposal, designed specifically for corrugated cardboard

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